wedding photographer based in Omaha, Nebraska

hey hello hi.

welcome, you beautiful human! my name is mae - i’m a traveling wedding photographer based out of omaha, nebraska, but my heart is wherever the sea meets the land so… coastal weddings pls hmu hehe. you’ve probably read this before but I am genuinely so glad you’re here. grab a snack, take a look, and hopefully you like what you see.


the real moments, the happiest moments, the moments filled with raw emotion and real love, and all the in-betweens - let’s capture them.

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your best, happiest day ever. surrounded by 100+ friends & family or just the two of you.

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engaged? new house together? expecting a baby (human or animal)? just because?

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headshots, seniors, a fresh haircut. i’ll hype you up no matter the occasion.


for you + for love

I’m not the girl for you if you want someone to just show up, do their job, leave and never speak to you again until they deliver the gallery. Honestly, I’ve had couples that prefer that type of relationship, but that’s not what I’m looking for. My passion and prayer is to be more than just a wedding vendor to you. I want to form an actual relationship with you, get to know your heart, YOUR why, and how I can serve you to the best of my abilities on your big day. So whether you think you want to book me or not, let’s sit down for lunch or coffee and figure out if that is the relationship you’re looking for, too.


Maelene’s photos always end up being undeniably stunning and she is an absolute joy to be around!

— Kaylee Bobbett